Dissertation: Humour in Art Photography.

Dissertation:   Humour in Art Photography. Name:  Peter Hung. FdA/BA (Hons) Photography. University Centre at Blackburn College. 2015-16. Contents. Introduction. Chapter 1: What is Humour? Chapter 2: Science and Psychology of Humour. Chapter 3: Theory of Humour. Chapter 4: Observational Humour. Chapter 5: Humour in Postmodernism. Chapter 6: Mechanisms of Comedy. Chapter 7: ‘Visual Irony’. ChapterContinue reading “Dissertation: Humour in Art Photography.”

A Primer – Journaling For The Intelligent Man.

A Primer – Journaling For The Intelligent Man. The following was originally a document I set out to write an e-book while considering techniques for journaling and yet I had rationalised that I could no longer put any more work into it to bring it to fruition. It is a long post for a blogContinue reading “A Primer – Journaling For The Intelligent Man.”

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